Chile Thus Far…

Well I have been in the country for over a month now and I still have yet to post anything for all of my avid readers (I am sure there is at least one of you). I will try to catch you up on my life here in Santiago… unfortunately and fortunately it is my life and not some great tourist dream. I came here to meet people, get a job, and live like a Chilean. I am not saying of course that I have not experienced some amazing things that aren’t also incredibly tourist and I am not loving my trip! Santa Lucia, Musea de Memoria, taking a 12 hour bus trip Pucón to see the Volcano Villarrica, and to Viña del Mar to visit the ocean just to name a few : ) My life here is probably more like those from home than one may realize – I go to restaurants, wander around parks, go out at night, and take the metro or bus to work and everywhere else I go for that matter. Some key differences are that I only understand about 5% of what is going on around me which means that my automatic response has become no to just error on the side of caution. The food is for the most part incredibly boring and yes this is coming from a girl who is rather picky. (However I am becoming quite fond of avocado or palta on my hotdogs!) Fall means 85 degrees and sunny, oh wait 33 degrees Celsius which means little to nothing to me but I am working on my converting skills : ) Another fun fact, my money is very colorful and instead of pictures of dead presidents there are pictures of animals! Everything is in 100’s or 1000’s (smallest bill is 1000 pesos) which tends to make me feel like I have way more money than I really do.

I most definitely have days that I wonder what the hell I am doing here because honestly I don’t feel like my life has changed a whole lot but then I remember I am in Chile, South America, I can see the driest hot desert in the world and penguins all in one country, learn Chilean Spanish because frankly it is different than the rest of the world’s version of the language, and try things I never thought I would! Why wouldn’t anyone want to experience this, at least not just for a little while. I have started teaching and am learning just as much from my students as “hopefully” they are learning from me. I am sure I missed many things about this new home of mine but don’t worry – this is just Blog 1 🙂



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