And so it begins…

I made it! I am in Santiago and it is definitely surreal. It is beautiful and so warm : ) No more of those below 0 days for this girl! I am exhausted from traveling – all of the hurry up and wait stuff really is tiring. I decided to take a cab from the airport because I was not about to try to navigate my way to my hostel on my own; I think I paid too much but its all part of the experience right? I haven’t decided what I am going to do on my first day here; if I am being honest with myself I really want to sleep. I didn’t do a whole lot of that the last couple of weeks with worrying about leaving and making sure everything was ready PLUS that uncomfortable 9 hour plane ride did not help matters. I saw so many things just on my way to La Casona that I have read about and want to do but I am going to just take it day by day because I am not here for a short period so why cram everything into one touristy packed event? That just seems silly! PLUS Kayla & Cadu (friends I met through this process) will be here on Sunday and it would be kind of fun to do some of the touristy stuff together since Kayla and I have been talking about it for months.

With Friday being Valentine’s Day, I have made plans with a Chilean friend that I made through my Gamma Phi sister, Kylie, and am really excited about going out and meeting more people. We are going to an event at a bar here called California Cantina – yup, only been in the country 3 hours and I already located the American sports bar : ) It should definitely be interesting but as overwhelming as I am sure a room full of people speaking a language I can barely understand is going to be I am going to embrace it and try to get as much out of this whole experience as possible. I mean how many people just decide to pick up and move to Chile after all : )


Well I should get back to sending out resumes and attempting to find a job… until next time!




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